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27/05/2024 @AC/DC

Live acdc

- Thunderstruck

- Shoot To Thrill

- Back In Black

- Sin City

-Who Made Who

- Heatseeker

- Fire Your Guns

- Jailbreak

- The Jack

- The Razors Edge

- Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

- Moneytalks

- Hells Bells

- Are You Ready

- That's The Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll

- High Voltage

- You Shook Me All Night Long

- Whole Lotta Rosie

- Let There Be Rock

- Bonny/Highway To Hell

-  T.N.T.

- For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

26/05/2024 @Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy osbourne blizzard of ozz- Mr. Crowley

- Crazy Train

Ozzy osbourne down to earth- No Place For Angels

- Can You Hear Them

Ozzy osbourne scream- Diggin' Me Down

Ozzy osbourne ozzmosis- I Just Want You

Ozzy osbourne no rest for the wicked 2- Devil's Daughter

No more tears ozzy osbourne- Hellraiser

Sony ozzy osbourne diary of a madman vinyl lp- Diary of a Madman

Ozzy osbourne bark at the moon- Rock 'n' Roll Rebel


Motorhead bomber 1- Talking Head

Ab cd back and attack- Half Way In

Bullet dust to gold- Fuel the Fire

Edguy rocket ride 2- Catch of the Century

Kix rock your face off 664x664 1- Rock & Roll Showdown

Krokus stampede 1- Wasteland

Overkill the grinding wheel- Mean, Green, Killing Machine

Iron maiden somewhere in time cover- The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner

22/05/2024 @Scorpions

Blackout 3- Blackout

- Can't Live Without You

Scorpions animal magnetism- Hold Me Tight

Crazy world scorpions- Restless Nights

Scorpions fly to the rainbow- Speedy's Coming

Scorpions in trance 2- Robot Man

Lovedrive 3- Coast To Coast

Scorpions rock believer- Rock Believer

Tokyo tapes 500- Pictured Life

Scorpions virgin killer frontal 1- Catch Your Train

21/05/2024 @Lords Of Black @TNT

Lords of black lords of blacks- Lords of Black

- Nothing Left to Fear

- At the End of the World

- Out of the Dark

Tnt knights of the new thunder- U.S.A.

- Tor With The Hammer

17/05/2024 @Whitesnake

Whitesnake love hunter- Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues

- Love Hunter

Whitesnake saints sinners- Crying In The Rain

- Here I Go Again

Whitesnake 1987 reissue- Still Of The Night

- Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City

Come an get it 1- Girl

Whitesnake flesh and blood- Flesh & Blood

Good to be bad 502- Lay Down Your Love

Whitesnake restless heart- Restless Heart


Triumph thunder seven- Time Goes By

Acdc dirty deeds done dirt cheap 1Squealer

Grave digger fields of blood 2- Freedom

Iron maiden live after death 1- Flight Of Icarus

Loudness thunder in the east 1- Like HellRhino bucket pain suffering 1- Blow By Blow

Snake oil snake oil 1- Blink Of An EyeThe cult choice of weapon 1- Wilderness Now

13/05/2024 @Gary Moore

- Murder In The Skies

- Shapes Of Things

- Victims Of The Future

- Cold Hearted

- End Of The World

Gary moore we want moore

- Back On The Streets

- Empty Rooms

- Don't Take Me For A Loser

- Rockin' And Rollin'

- Parisienne Walkways

10/05/2024 @U.D.O. @Stryper

Stryper the yellow and black attack- From Wrong To Right

- Co'mon Rock

- Loving You

- Reason For The Season

Udo touchdown- The Double Dealer's Club

- Forever Free

- Touchdown

07/05/2024 @Queen @Thin Lizzy

Queen sheer heart attack 1- Now I'm Here (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, December 1975)

Queen a day at the races- Long Away

Queen flash gordon- The Hero (October 1980... Revisited)

Queen news of the world 1- Get Down, Make Love

Queen the miracle 1- Stealin' (B-Side)

Thin lizzy bad reputation 1- Killer Without a Cause

Thin lizzy renegade- Angel of Death

Thin lizzy jailbreak 1- Jailbreak

Thin lizzy chinatown 1- Chinatown

Thin lizzy live and dangerous 2- Suicide

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