Last Added Songs


220 volt eye to eye 1- The Harder They Come

- Beat Of A Heart

- Eye To Eye

- Money Talks

Van halen diver down svg- Where Have All The Good Times Gone!

- Hang 'em High

- Intruder/ (Oh) Pretty Woman

- Dancing In The Street

- Intro/Little Guitars

- The Full Bug


Whitesnake saints sinners- Saints & Sinners

Warrior ancient future- Fight Or Fail

Udo animal house 20160824000417- Run For Cover

Mike tramp everything is alright- More to Life Than This


Stryper the final battle- Transgressor

- Same Old Story

- Rise To The Call

- Ashes To Ashes

Dokken- Back For The Attack (Bonus Track)

- Breaking The Chains

- Stick to Your Guns

- Too High to Fly

- Maddest hatter


Ufo band logo- Cowboy Joe

- Diesel in the Dust

- Dreaming

- Serenity

- Long Gone

Fargo strangers d amour- TTime

- Mary Says

- Law of the Jungle

- Car Expert


Ted nugent the music made me do it 1- Sunrize

Metal singer ray gillen 1- No Retreat, No Surrender

Jeff beck you had it coming 1- Nadia

Dee snider leave a scar- Crying for Your Life


Saxon wheels of steel- Motorcycle Man

747 Strangers In The Night

- Wheels Of Steel

- See The Light Shining

- Street Fighting Gang.

- Suzie Hold On

1200px judaspriest svg- Revolution

- Some Heads Are Gonna Roll

- Firepower

- The Hellion-Electric Eye

- A Touch Of Evil


Chevelle niratias 1- Verruckt

- Self Destructor

Accept logo fa7a48c6f1 seeklogo com- London Leatherboys

- Breaker

- Breaking Up Again

- I'm A Rebel

- Restless and Wild


Dgm momentum- Trust

Circus maximus nine- Used

Blackfoot southern native 1- Need My Ride

Anthrax forallking cover 1- Zero Tolerance


Statement dreams from the darkest side- Don't You Hide It

- The Reaper

- Lifeline

- Beyond Control

- Indestructible

303 3038371 primal fear logo primal fear band logo png- Running In The Dust

- One Night In December

- I Am Alive

- Psycho

- Blaze of Glory


The four horsemen nobody said it was easy front www freecovers net 1- Wanted Man

The firm mean business- Free To Live

Blazon stone down in the dark- Hanged Drawn And Quartered

4arm survivalist- Fragment of a Dream

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