Last Added Songs

Halestorm vicious 1- Letters

The almas back to bad- Wayworn

Tremonti marching in time- Thrown Further

Victory instinct- Victorias Secrets

Deep purple turning to crime- Caught in the Act

- White Room

- Lucifer

- Oh Well

Kk s priest sermons of the sinner- Hellfire Thunderbolt

- Sacerdote y Diablo

- Brothers of the Road

- Wild and Free

- Hail for the Priest

Volbeat rewind replay rebound- Last Day Under The Sun

- Maybe I Believe

- The Everlasting

Greatest hits thin lizzy 1- Chinatown

Iron maidfen the final frontier- Isle Of Avalon

Kamelot the fourth legacy- Silent Goddess

Warning- Cine Regard

Get it now on amazon 1Paradise lost in requiem jpg- Never For The Damned

- Requiem

Kingdom come- Living Out of Touch

- High on love

- Hey Mama

- Rough Ride Ralleye

- I've Been Trying

Get it now on amazon 1Wicked sensation outbreak- Child of Sorrow

- Breaking Away

- Tomorrow

Get it now on amazon 1Queensryche empire- Best I Can

- Empire

- Silent Lucidity

- One And Only

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