Last Added Songs


Rammstein sehnsucht 1- Eifersucht

Megaklippo fight your fears- Bad Company

Highways hunters highways hunters- Firebrand

Avantasia the scarecrow 1- Twisted Mind


Pngegg- Age Of Reason

- Turn Up the Night 

- Voodoo (Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 12_31_1981)

- Iron Man

- Symptom of the Universe

Fretless damnation 1- Unholy War

- Burn

- Let's Get High

- Black Widow

- Black Moon

- No More


Worldchanger jorn 1- World Gone Mad

Pectora untaken- Untaken

Destruction day of reckoning- The Demon Is God

Bella novela incinerate- Battlelines


Mammoth mammoth ii- Better Than You

- I'm Alright

- Take a Bow

- Right

Accept logo fa7a48c6f1 seeklogo com- Overnight Sensation

- Twist Of Fate

- Midnight Mover

- Winterdreams

- Head Over Heels


Sentenced frozen reissue 1- One With Misery

Gloryhammer gloryhammer- Gloryhammer

Electus close encounters- Killer Joe

Ac dc bonfire- If You Want Blood (You've Got It)


Powerhill i can wait for you- I Can Wait for You

Hollowstar hollowstar- Good Man Gone

Crazy world scorpions 1- Crazy World

Blazon stone hymns of triumph and death- Iron Fist Of Rock


Aerosmith logo- One Way Street

- Fever

- Amazing

- Rag Doll

- The Other Side

Kiss unmasked- Is That You

- Naked City

- Tomorrow


Tug of war soulfire- Come Home

Raised on radio journey 1-Why Can't This Night Go On Forever

Orions reign scores of war- Gravewalker

Dimmu borgir eonian 2018- Aetheric


Sabaton carolus rex- 1648

- Carolus Rex

- Poltava

Ozzy osbourne logo- I Don't Know

- You Can't Kill Rock and Roll

- I Don't Want To Change The World

- Hellraiser

- Let It Die


Pat benatar in the heat of the night 1- Heartbreaker

Krokus the blitz- Out Of Control

Journey revelation- Stone In Love

Burning witches 1- Burning Witches

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